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Start a Company

The Founder’s Attorney understands the unique challenges that comes with starting a company. Our practice areas include:

What clients are saying

Berk C.

"Curtis has been really helpful from the get-go. Unlike other attorneys, his genuine and friendly approach made us very comfortable and at ease. He also started to add value to our company right away. 
I can tell that he is truly dedicated to his craft and he is very talented at what he does. When you work with him, you will understand that it almost feels like he is a part of your team. 
I wish all attorneys were like him...."

John H.

This guy is the absolute best kind of PERSON. Add in that he is a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer and what you have is the best kind of LAWYER. I normally try not to pay for lawyer services given that I have been working in law for 8 years but his expertise in starting up businesses is unparalleled. Give this guy a shot and you wont be sorry!


Meghan K.

I was interested in starting an LLC and consulted Curtis for help. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgable but was able to answer all of my questions in a way that I could actually understand. He was completely honest with me and gave me advice whether it benefitted him or not and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Curtis is a genuine guy who truly wants the best for you and your business. I would highly recommend him and his services. Thank you again, Curtis!

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